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More Special Announcements!!! (And Merch Updates)

How’s everyone doing? As you see, more exciting news! But we’re keeping everyone on their toes by saying this…WE CAN’T OFFICIALLY ANNOUNCE IT YET!! :) We have TWO new gigs added to our schedule as you can see below and we’re STILL not done! There’s so much more to come this year and we are so stoked about it. This year has been absolutely amazing and our badass manager has been keeping us booked and busy! So shout out to him for all of his hard work! And shout out to our team for their dedication and keeping everyone up to date on what’s going on with us! It’s always good to have a solid team! :D So we’re extremely grateful.

Don’t forget, we have our merch store up on this site (just look for that Online Store button at the top of the page) if you are unable to make it to a show but still want to support us! We will be discontinuing the newest design to make room for something new. So if you want one of those newer black shirts or the Ladies white v-neck, get it NOW while you can because those will NOT be restocked. Racerback tank tops will not be restocked until Spring of 2023. As sizes run out, we will be removing them from what’s available.

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