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Our hard work in LA is paying off!!

If you’ve been following our social media, you will already know that we finally have release dates set for the RAISE US HIGHER EP and our Official Music Video for “Fake World”. It’s been a long time coming and we had a few set backs, but we made it happen!

Make sure you’re following the socials, platforms and what not and be ready for release day! May 20th, 2024 is going to be a double whammy!

We also recently announced that we are returning to District 142 in Wyandotte, MI on Saturday May 4th to share the stage with the Def Leppard Tribute, ROK BRIGADE! You can find all of that info on our socials, spotify, Reverbnation, and even here on our site! Doors are at 7pm, it IS restricted to 21+ and it’s $18 in advance on the District 142 website which is linked all over the place. :)

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