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We’ve been a little quiet 👀

If you know us, we don’t put out every single detail of everything that we’re doing until it is done. We like the suspense effect. But rest assured, things ARE happening and moving in a forward motion. Where to start…OH I KNOW! A slight recap.

So in July, we released our single “Fake World” (if you haven’t listened to it yet, go do that!). In August, we had another promo session with Eclypse Media. Those photos came out WONDERFUL! You haven’t even seen them all yet! We had other things going on that same day that we cannot mention just yet. BUT SOON! VERY SOON! September, as a group (mostly) we had ourselves some downtime, so we enjoyed ourselves at RenFest. (Yes, we do normal people things too). October, we had a headlining gig in Lapeer with Sessions (Solid State Radio). Those guys are awesome! Can’t wait to continue working with them more. We were also getting some things finalized and taken care of in October. November, we officially released “Revolution” as a single for the first time on major streaming platforms. (Go listen to that one too. It sounds SO much better now). We were also part of another Hear This! Promotions gig (lots of fun as always). December, we were kind of winding down a little bit and enjoying the holidays which included being part of Rock 4 Tots and Merry Metal X-Max again. We can’t stress enough how much we love those charity gigs and those involved in putting them together!

Now we’re in January and we’re doing a lot of planning and getting things in motion to release the new EP with another special surprise that, yet again, we can’t say just yet. BUT SOON! So we have some things planned for the year and more to come! Thank you to those who have been behind us the whole way from the team to the fans.

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