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Audacy’s The Opening Act!

Will KOUGARAN be the Opening Act™ at Audacy's (formerly annual We Can Survive concert? Our previous winners opened for Taylor Swift, Lizzo, Billie Eilish, and more!

In addition to performing at the sold out concert alongside industry superstars, our Opening Act will receive: their own private dressing room, a ton of exposure on the radio, a meet and greet with the other artists, and $10,000!

We have a great opportunity but we need YOUR help! CLICK HERE and get your *DAILY FREE VOTES* in! Verify via your Facebook Account (we prefer it that way as we will never ask you to use your credit/debit card for votes) or if you choose to, you can use your card to vote which will give you 2 votes daily. But again, we will never ask you to do that or beg for it.

We are sitting tight at #4 and we just have to stay in the top 20.

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