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More Festival Announcements for 2022!!

I feel like the festivals just keep rolling in. But hey, that’s all good news for us and for you! More opportunities to see us really shine! We’ve been working very hard to get to where we’re at and it’s definitely paying off. This summer is going to be off the hook for sure! So we gave you an announcement recently about Summerfest in Marysville and Uncle Sam Jam. Get ready because there’s more!

First up, we have Coolfest which will be in Grand Blanc, MI! Details and lineup are in the flyer below. If you’re in the Grand Blanc area, come on out and see us! We will finally be playing in your area! Friday July 22nd you can catch us on stage at 11pm!!

Next, we have Lapeer Days, of course in Lapeer, MI! All of you Lapeer people, get your asses out there Saturday August 20th! We will be playing PRIME TIME from 6:30pm-8pm On the main stage! This is huge for us so come on out and show your support!

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