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Hear This! Fest Was A HUGE Success!!!

First off, we want to thank each and every one of you who bought tickets and came out to this event. It went very well, the turnout was absolutely amazing, all of the bands killed it and the best part, everyone had FUN!!!

HUGE shout out to Hear This! Promotions for putting this whole thing together and for the amazing promo job on it! We are grateful to have had that opportunity and we hope to return next year!

With that being said, our next show is Saturday April 23rd at The Corunna Road Bar in Flint, MI. We will be performing with Cybil & The Beast, Possum Belly and Icarus Fell. If you are from the Flint area and any surrounding areas, come on out and see us jam! As you know, we have two new members so let’s show them how we do things in the Kougaran Camp!! Sessions put this event together and we know that it will be a good one! So come on out Saturday April 23rd to The Corunna Road Bar in Flint, MI!!

Photo courtesy of someone thoroughly enjoying our set! Thank you so much for this awesome shot! More photos can be found on Facebook through both Gary Pahlow and Eclypse Photography(Kirsty Lynn). Some of them are even posted throughout our website!

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