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As most of you know, we were just on the other side of the country out in LA. Everyone had a blast and we made it safe to both destinations. While we can’t spill the beans on what exactly we were doing just yet, we can say this; Expect some cool things coming soon! We are so humbled and thankful for everything that transpired during our stay. The sights and weather were both beautiful. We did check out The Rainbow Bar & Grill…let’s just say that we have a goal to get on the wall 😂 Big goals but we have the confidence to push harder and get even further. We appreciate everyone for their continued support during our journey. <3

If you don’t have any plans Friday April 28th, come on out to The Token Lounge as we take the stage with Derek Randall, Forge The Sun and Chokesetter! Stop by the merch table and say hi to the crew!

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