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Closing out 2022 (Part 1)

We hope everyone is enjoying the holidays so far! As some of you know, we were scheduled to perform on Merry Metal X-Mas tonight at Diesel. It was due to be our last show of 2022. After careful thought and consideration, it was deemed too risky due to inclement weather. So tonight’s show has been rescheduled to Friday the 13th of January! This will be our first show of 2023 so we look forward to seeing some familiar as well as some new faces in the next couple of weeks!

Other than that, things in our camp have been going pretty well and the new guys have been adjusting amazingly! Thank you everyone for being so welcoming with these two. With that said, we are working on some new tunes and new things in general. We can’t wait to share with everyone on what’s to come for Kougaran! Keep your eyes peeled because some interesting things are in the works!

Part 2 coming soon!

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